Sunday, September 30, 2012

The End of September

Today, September comes to a close. And with it, 2012's childhood cancer awareness month ends. However, this is not an ending. This is just the beginnning.
There is so much more that can be done for childhood cancer, in terms of it's research, detection, prevention, treatment and long term managment, whether that be survivorship or grief management.
Why do we need a cure for childhood cancer? So that no parent has to answer, "Mommy, what's cancer?", "when will I get better?" and "what's hospice?". So that no child has their life cut short by a disease or it's treatment. So that families don't live with the possibility that cancer could come back into their lives again with a relapse, a secondary cancer, or even another child's cancer.
Childhood cancer awareness is year long. Cancer doesn't stop, so we can't either. Fight for a cure for cancer, until childhood cancer is a bad memory, and until children no longer need to fight cancer. Find a cure.

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