Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bald is Beautiful

   Recently, 9 year old Kamryn shaved her head at St. Baldricks in support of her friend Delaney, who is battling cancer.  In response, her school kicked her out until she either got a wig or her hair grew back.
   This is the response that a young girl who took a brave step in loosing her hair was given.  She should be applauded for shaving her hair to support her friend, not ostracized from her school.  This is the response of St. Baldricks:
"Kamryn, by your sacrifice and willingness to be bald like Delaney, you’re demonstrating that love is more powerful than fear and that life’s most valuable lessons are often learned outside the classroom."

Kathleen Ruddy, St. Baldrick's CEO, shares her support in an open letter to Kamryn Renfro and Delaney Clements.

After a massive social media campaign, Kamryn's school board voted 3 to 1 to allow her back into school.  This still means that there was an adult who thought she shouldn't be allowed back.  Let that sink in.

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  1. That is outrageous and sad! I personally think that it is very admirable that Kamryn showed her solidarity and love for her best friend by shaving her head. It think it only shows how her school is discriminating people on how they look and are very myopic. :(

    Amanda Mazzocchi @ Good Look Ink