Saturday, September 15, 2012

Raise Awareness

A raising awareness challenge for today:
Has your local, state or student newspaper published anything related to childhood cancer awareness? Maybe, but more than likely not. So today I challenge you to write to or call your local newspaper and ask them to run a story about childhood cancer awareness. You can also write a letter to the editor, which I just did for the U of U student newspaper (fingers crossed it gets in).
What do you say? Speak from your heart. Why is childhood cancer awareness and research important? Who does it affect? Why? How many? What can we do? Be straight-orward, passionate, and direct.
Here's my letter:

Every day, 46 families are told life shattering news: their child has cancer. Another 7 families will end their battle with cancer today, as their child has passed away. This equates to 12,500 kids being diagnosed with cancer each year, and 2500 deaths.
Everyone knows what a pink ribbon stands for. But what about gold? Gold is for our children, who are affected by cancer. That is 1 in 330 kids under the age of 20. That includes many underclassmen here at the U, as well as the children, siblings, cousins and friends of many other students. This is an issue that directly affects us as young adults.
Most of us, however, don’t think about childhood cancer. We don’t want to think about the 7 children who die every day as a result of it. We don’t want to think about the reality of cancer striking children. Well, we can’t continue to stick our heads in the sand and ignore childhood cancer. We must join the fight and find a cure to childhood cancer.
How? You can raise awareness by wearing gold, telling your friends that childhood cancer isn’t as rare as we wish it was, and by pledging your support to end childhood cancer. You can raise money for research by participating in a fundraiser, such as the Salt Lake City Cure Search walk on September 29th. Kids can’t fight cancer alone; they need our help to raise awareness and funding to find a cure. Today, I ask you to join the fight, and help cure childhood cancer.

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