Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ways to help

   There are a ton of ways that you can help children with cancer, and they all take less than an hour of your time:

  • Donate blood.  Childhood cancer patients require blood throughout their treatment.  In my brother's year on treatment, he had 27 blood units.  Many patients, especially those with blood cancers, require even more blood.  
  • Get your vaccines.  As a result of chemotherapy, children on treatment are immuno-compromised.  This means their bodies cannot fight even the most common of infections.  The flu could be deadly.  By getting vaccines, you can preserve herd immunity and protect these vulnerable children.
  • Join the Bone Marrow Registry at bethematch.org.  If you are ineligible due to health or age, please donate.  It costs about $100 to test and tissue type each donor's sample.  Many donors, especially the younger, preferred donors, can't afford this cost, and your donation will help grow the registry by allowing them to join without paying for their typing. 
  • Post on social media to raise awareness - see yesterday's post
  • Donate to CureSearch or St. Baldricks to support research.
  • Donate to ACCO (American Childhood Cancer Society) to provide support and resources to childhood cancer families, or find your local support group here to donate directly to area families.  

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