Sunday, January 20, 2013

X Files

As a bored college student, I enjoy watching old TV series on netflix.  Last semester, it was "That 70s Show", which was purely entertaining.
This semester, I've opted to watch the X-Files.  I enjoy seeing how far we have come with some of the Sci-Fi topics covered in the series: computers, genetic engineering, biology, and communication.  I've also come to a few conclusions:

  • The best way to find someone in a possibly dangerous situation is NOT to do any of the following: walk around loudly screaming their name, wearing high heels, calling their cell phone, ect.  Especially not when any of the following are involved: man eating aliens, mad scientists, bombs, armed gunmen, ect.
  • Cell phones and computers have come a llooonnnnngggggg way since 1993.
  • Big hair should have died in the 80s.
  • The glowing yellow eyes of Eugene tombes will always be watching.
  • There are always new ways to kill off characters.
  • Everything (at least in the show) is a conspiracy.  
  • The lights never work properly.  Large flashlights are a must.
  • Investigatins never take place during the day, or in a well lit area.  Nor do interviews, shootings, crime scenes or wierd events.  
If you enjoy mind twisting crime shows that border with sci-fi and fantasy, the X-files are excellent.  Happy hunting for the truth on alien life! 

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