Monday, January 7, 2013

Recommended Readings

More good books to read:

  • One in Three, by Adam Wishart.  An interesting look at the history of cancer, it's treatment, prognosis and research.  Includes modern cancer methodologies, and the author's own expirience with his father's cancer.
  • DNA, by James Watson (yes, one of the scientists who 'discorvered' the double helix).  An interesting look at DNA and it's place society, including biotech, DNA testing and disease treatment and prevention. A little outdated (written 2004), but quite useful for the history.
  • Children with Cancer, by Christine Eiser.  A psychological study of childhood cancer, probably a doctoral dissertation.  Again, a little outdated, but still relevant.  A little dry for most people, but good for those interested in the nitty gritty.
More to come as the semester progresses, perhaps even some fiction :)

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