Monday, October 15, 2012

CureSearch walk: updated

It's been a few weeks since the Salt Lake City Curesearch Walk that i participated in, and here's the current numbers:
I personally raised $175, with the help of family, friends and some gift matching from corporations. Thank you so much for everyone who donated. I also roped a friend into coming, which was pretty awesome.
The Salt Lake CureSearch walk raised $168,427 as a whole, thanks to over 3000 participants and many donors.
But wait, if you've been a slow poke it's not too late to donate. You can donate to the walk's page at, although no telling how logn it will be there. You can also donate by mail to
CureSearch for Children's Cancer
440 E. Huntington Drive Suite 400, Arcadia, CA 91006
or cut out the middle man and donate straight to cure search at

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