Thursday, August 28, 2014

The return to Utah!

With the end of August, so comes the beginning of my Junior year of college.  It's amazing that it has been two and a half years since I started this blog, that it's my third year of not living at home for most of the year.  I want to reflect on what has changed since I started this blog on April 30th, 2012, and on what hasn't changed.

What's changed:

  • I live in Utah for most of the year
  • I'm part of regional SWE - higher level than school or state, a position I was elected to
  • I'm considering a PhD instead of a medical degree, despite below.
  • I have an amazing new collection of friends
What hasn't changed:
  • I'm still majoring in Biomedical engineering
  • I still want to be a pediatric oncologist
  • I'm still a Girl Scout
  • My room is always still messy, and I still don't like cleaning it

So, all in all, I'm not all that different from when I started this adventure.  In blog tradition, Monday will mark the beginning of September - Childhood cancer awareness month.  I will be posting daily on childhood cancer awareness, media, and other related topics.

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