Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Books and Other Fun Stuff

   November was (still is, it's not over) a busy month here in Salt Lake.  I organized and ran our first ever Girl Scout Night Jr here at the U (through SWE).  It was really rewarding to see all the young girls who loved math and science, and to see them explore and learn.  Picture here.  It was awesome!
   I have been doing more reading this semester, which makes me happy.  While I often read non-fiction, I've been reading more fluff this semester, due to the density of my class readings...

  • Gulp! by Mary Roach.  One of my favorite popular science authors, this book is about the digestive tract, and it's interesting features.  Probably not something to read while snacking, but a great book.
  • Books by Kathy Reichs.  These are guilty pleasure reads.  Kathy Reichs books are what the TV show Bones is based off of (one of my favorites TV series), so they are enjoyable.  I also like that they are set in Montreal and Quebec.  The details are good, and the plots are thick.  Read: "Spider bones", "206 Bones" and "Virals".
More books to follow, I just checked out two that look excellent.

    Due to the exorbitant airfare prices, I will be spending Thanksgiving here is SLC.  Lizi and I are then going on a people watching expedition to the Walmart downtown SLC for Black Friday eve.  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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