Sunday, September 1, 2013

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

  While it's great to raise awareness and to educate people about childhood cancer, what we really want is action.  You can help take action during childhood cancer month in many ways:

  • Write a letter to the editor of you state, community, or school paper, telling them about childhood cancer awareness month, and asking them to run an article about it.
  • Write, email or call your local leaders: mayors, congressmen, assembly men, ect.  Tell them about childhood cancer awareness month and ask them to declare that your town/school/ state goes gold for childhood cancer awareness month, or issues a proclamation, similar to the presidential proclamation from August 30 (see yesterday's post).
  • Donate to an organization that researches childhood cancer, such as CureSearch, ACCO or St. Baldricks.  Specifically, you could donate to my CureSearch page, as part of th eSalt Lake City CureSearch Walk here.
  • Write about childhood cancer awareness through social media - Facebook, twitter, whatever you use. let people know that we need research.
  • Volunteer at your local Pediatric oncology ward.  Drop off new books and toys, especially ones that can be easily cleaned.  Volunteer to read books, put on puppet shows or lead crafts with Child Life specialists.
     Help spread the word to end childhood cancer by taking action. 

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