Monday, February 18, 2013

Adventures with Lizi

One of my closed friends here is Lizi.  We have lots of adventures, including getting free pie every Wednesday and being lab partners in Chemistry (sometimes following the procedure).  We have lots of fun adventures together.
Salt Lake City has a nice light rail system that was built for the 2002 Olympics.  As it happens, my dorm is nicely situated at one end of one of the lines.  So, for fun yesterday, Lizi and I decided to ride the train all the way to the other end, just to see what was there.
As the train started getting closer to the end of the line, we began to notice that we weren't really in the city any more, but more of a barren field with houses in the distance.  We got to the end of the line, and, sure enough, there really wasn't much there.  It's a newly developed suburb south of SLC, called Daybreak.  Coincidentally, Daybreak was named the number one planned community in America.  You can see more about how this place is eerily similar to the Stepford Wive's community.
So, Lizi and I asked a random stranger what there is to do in Daybreak on a Sunday afternoon.  The look on his face was fairly entertaining, similar to the look I give people who ask me what there is to do in my hometown.  We eventually stubbled onto a small shopping center, which, surprise surprise  is 90% closed on Sundays (after all, this is Utah).  We were hungry, so we decided to go to the one place open, a Sports Bar/Grill.  There were about 5 other people in the place, which we assume are the few non-Mormon residents of Daybreak.
The end of the story: Lizi and I are no longer curious as to what is at the end of the line.  Also, we have no desire to go there again.
Later that night, Lizi and I decided to go shopping, because she had a car for the weekend.  I don't usually have a car, so we were going to buy the heavy things that I don't really want to haul on the bus.  While I'm picking out some fruit, Lizi asks how strong I am.  I turn around, and there's Lizi, in the cart.  So, I pushed Lizi in a cart around Smiths at 9:30 on a Sunday night.  Good thing we had the store pretty much to ourselves.   Also, Lizi didn't get out until after we paid and had left the store.  The cashier was a little preplexerd.
Happy Adventures in College!

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