Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bryce Canyon

     A few weeks ago I got to go to Bryce Canyon as part of a class in Nature Photography.  While it was super cold (-2 the first night), it was really cool.  The first night we shot the sunset and then went out at night to shoot the stars from the canyon.  It was beautiful.
     The second day we went out to shoot the sunrise at 6 am, when it was still bitter cold and dark.  Sadly, it was foggy, so the shots were not very good.  After breakfast, we went back to the canyon and walked all the way down and explored the slot canyons, hoodoos and awesome rocks!  We hiked about 5 miles, down one side, around the bottom, up the other side and around the canyon rim.  It got warm enough that I could get away with only wearing four layers (instead of 6). After that we had some free time to chill.  That night we went to a waterfall and shot some really cool water photos.  We finished up with an astronomy talk at the ranger station and the rangers had telescopes set up to look at Saturn and Orion's Nebula.
     On the last morning, we got up to watch the sunrise.  This time it was clear and beautiful.  I got some great shots of the red rocks glowing with the morning light.  It was a good trip, despite the cold!

Image copyright 2013 by Steffi.  Do not reproduce without permission.

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